MK in Angola


The table of contents of this unusual anthology of  political combatants of MK in six detachments as shown on the right (   ), says it all. And so does the introductory chapter as follows holistically:

‘The road to Temeke was long and arduous: from Soweto’s spiraling smoke barricades, Mamelodi’s searing stones and dust-bin shields. Through Swaziland’s perilous frontiers and Botswana’s hazardous border. Past Mozambique’s nascent power and, the land-locked Kingdom of Lesotho, the line of roamers wove and dragged for days, weeks, months.

‘They were mostly in their teens – youth from the classroom, from the factory floor, and the unemployment street. They came looking for the underground, in search of a gun to go home and fight.’

In the end, though, MK was always a political army, an armed formation that was created for the achievement of overtly political objectives. In so far as the implementation of the ideas enshrined in the  Freedom Charter are concerned, the authors, themselves former combatants, argue that ‘for MK, the battle is not finished.’

Proceeds from this book will go to the ANC Veterans League true to advance the educational, emotional and related social objectives of former combatants and/or their families.


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