Bullets or Ballots


Richards argues, innovatively, that the twin challenges posed by crime and unemployment is best solved through the creation of a new national consciousness – a new patriotism ­ cast in industrial as opposed to political language. He calls for the obsessive development of an industrial consciousness as the basis of a new patriotic identity for South Africa.

South Africa has shifted from being a country of state sponsored terrorism to a democratic state and government sponsored educational and economic dysfunctionality.

Whether this is the result of an Apartheid legacy or the incompetence of the current ruling party is irrelevant.

Richards soberly reminds us that the if all South African’s don’t collectively join hands to fight the scourge of crime and unemployment, and ultimately poverty, South Africans might as well concede defeat now. Richards proposes that the unifying force required by South Africa to defeat the scourge of crime and unemployment is not its racial obsession but the creation of a new national psyche that is driven by an Industrial consciousness. This is an innovative proposal which deserves consideration by all South Africans.


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